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To help answer some of the most common questions about our products, please select a topic of interest. If your question is not answered here, please click here to contact us with your query. The following topics are covered in this FAQ.

  1. General
  2. Sizes & Formats
  3. Licensing
  4. iconBOX

FAQ : General

Can I get a sample of your icons before I purchase?
Our FREE Common Toolbar Small Edition and Large Edition sets represent the quality of our work. Please download these free icons and use them in your applications.

To sample the quality of our animations, download our World Spin animation, which is also free.
What payment methods do you accept?
Our online store accepts Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard and Amex. If you would prefer to pay by direct debit or purchase order, please click here to contact us..
Why are the preview icons on this site so blurry?
To prevent unauthorised usage, the preview images displayed are watermarked. They are also smaller than actual size and highly compressed to keep page download times low. The actual icons in all of our commercial sets are not watermarked and compressed in this way - please download our FREE Common Toolbar Small Edition and Large Edition sets to see the quality of our work.
Why do the preview animations contain the glyFX logo?
To prevent unauthorised usage, the preview animations display the glyFX logo as a watermark. The actual files supplied in the set not watermarked in this way.

FAQ : Sizes & Formats

Why do the bitmap icons have a pink background?
A single colour that does not appear anywhere in the icon itself is used as the transparency colour. Most toolbar components (such as the ImageList Windows Common Control) should automatically take the colour of the bottom left pixel as the transparency colour.
Why don't you include ICO format icons in the Character Tile and Symbol Tile sets?
As these sets are supplied in 7 different colours, it means a massive number of image files would need to be converted - each size in the Character Tile Set would contain over 4,000 ICOs! This would mean over 20,000 ICO files for both Small and Large versions of this set alone. In order to keep the cost of these two sets as low as possible, this format is excluded for the time being.
Can I get the images in a different format?
It depends on what format you require - our icons already ship in BMP, GIF, PNG and ICO (see above question). If you did not receive notifications about set updates (for example, you have a new email address that we do not know about), please contact us.
How do I use your icons with my development tool?
Every development tool is different, but for introductory tutorials on how to use our icons with the most commonly available software please see our How To Guides page for more information.

FAQ : Licensing

Can I use your icons on a web site?
Yes, our standard licence allows the icons to be used on web sites and within web applications.
I have a team of developers, do I need a licence for each developer?
It depends on whether all of them will be using the icons. If each of your developers is responsible for working on the user interface and will be using the icon & graphic files directly, then yes, each developer needs their own licence. If some of your developers do not do interface work, then they do not require their own licence. Please contact us if you are unsure as to how many licences you need.
Do you have multi-user or site licenses?
Yes we do, please contact us for pricing information.
Can I modify your icons/graphics and use them in my software?
Yes you can.
Can I distribute the icons/graphics I have modified?
No, while you are free to modify and use the icons/graphics as required, you cannot distribute them to another party (unless they also hold a glyFX icon license).

FAQ : iconBOX

Does the iconBOX subscription include any of the glyFX products?
No, the iconBOX subscription does not include any stock glyFX products. All of the icons supplied in the monthly releases come from a seperate collection of icons.
If I signup in X months time, will I get the previous iconBOX releases?
Yes! When you signup, you will receive the latest shipment, and everything that has already been released into the iconBOX.
You don't have all the sizes and/or formats included, why?
The items in the iconBOX come supplied in whatever format they were created at the time.
Where do the iconBOX images come from?
We occasionally perform custom work on a non-exclusive basis, meaning we retain the copyright and distribution rights to the icons (in exchange for a reduced fee). While some of the time we include these in our release sets, for most of them we do not have time to do this. Rather than being unused, we want to offer them to our users.

Additionally, when we produce our stock sets, sometimes we create more icons than we actually distribute. Again, rather than letting these icons remain unused, we can include them in the subscription package.
Are these icons the same quality as your stock sets?
Absolutely. We just do not have the time at the moment to go through them and create all the sizes and formats required for our product line.
What if I need a particular iconBOX image created in a certain size/format?
Please contact us for pricing - iconBOX subscribers get a special discounted rate for this work. In addition, you have the option of releasing the new size/formats back into the iconBOX for the benefit of other users.
Can I modify and use the iconBOX images myself?
Can I release my modified iconBOX images?

FAQ : Downloads

Why does my download only partially complete?
Our servers limit connections to prevent link sharing. Download managers that open multiple connections will result in partially complete (failed) downloads. Please disable download managers before downloading.

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