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At glyFX we don’t just create high quality icons, we also specialise in all facets of user interface development and product branding. Computers have become a common part of life, and to make your applications stand out from the myriad of others, you as developers need to cater to a wider audience of users. This includes absolute beginners, all the way to the gurus. A simple way to make sure your application gets noticed is a clean, attractive and inviting interface.

You may be thinking about improving your existing applications, or planning something brand new. Maybe you are new to software development and not sure where to start. Perhaps you just want to brush up your knowledge – or just compare notes. Whatever the case, on this page we present any interesting articles we find dealing with issues relating to user interface design.

Microsoft UX Guide by Microsoft
The Microsoft UX Guide is now available as a PDF.
All About Windows XP Application Icons by David Ridgeway
An overview of application icons, and how they are used within the operating system.
In Defense of Eye Candy by Stephen P. Anderson
An article from A List Apart about the effectiveness of eye candy in interface design.
Realism in UI Design by Lukas Mathis
An article from ignore the code about the realism and abstraction in icon and user interface design.
Icon Reference Chart by Hicksdesign
A very useful Icon Size Reference Chart from Hicksdesign, if you're not sure what sizes should be in your icon.

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