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Vista Common Toolbar Set: Complete Edition

The Vista Common Toolbar Set contains the most often used images, such as file functions (create, open, save), printing and navigation. These images can be used in any application and form the basis of the glyFX collection.

Help iconWhat is included?

  • 31 glyphs + 12 alternate versions (total of 43 glyphs)
  • 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 and 256x256 pixels
  • 24bit BMP format
  • 8bit transparent GIF format
  • 32bit PNG format
  • 32bit ICO format
  • Normal, Hot & Disabled states

Information iconAdditional details


Vista Common Toolbar Image Preview


Q: Why are these icons so blurry?


The Vista Common Toolbar Set contains the following icons:

Arrow Left Arrow Right Copy Clipboard Copy Clipboard Lined
Copy To Folder Cut Clipboard Delete Favorites
Folders Folder Closed Folder Open Folder Options
Folder Options B History 1 History History B1
History B Home Mail Mail B
Move To Folder New Document New Document Lined Open Document
Paste Paste Lined Print Print Preview
Print Preview Lined Doc Properties Doc B Properties Doc B Properties Lined
Doc Properties Lined Redo Redo Square Refresh Document
Save Search Stop Undo
Undo Square Up Folder View  

Each image is supplied in normal, hot and disabled states.

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