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The Design Process

The most important process during the construction of the project is interaction with you, our client. To ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work we produce for you, we remain in contact throughout the duration of the project. A successful working relationship depends on an exchange of ideas, and so we are happy to speak with you at any time.

We approach every project, from the smallest custom icons to the largest interface overhaul, using the same procedure:

The first step is the quotation. We don't have a fixed price per icon/item, since the time for images varies depending on the complexity. At the start of the project we will provide you with a quotation (or an estimation, depending on how much detail is provided to us), outlining what is to be done, and the cost.

Once the quotation has been accepted, we begin the creation process. This starts with assigning a designer to the project. Unless the project is very large, or has a tight deadline, a single designer will be responsible for all the work. This ensures a consistency between the designs, and a single point of contact. Larger projects may require two or more people working on the designs, at which time, regular project meetings ensure that the work is created at an equal standard and quality. You will be able to contact the designer(s) directly, or speak to the project leader.

When the team has been assigned, the initial draft designs are made. Every item on the list is created as a rough concept, to illustrate our ideas. These are sent to you for approval and comments. Based on your input, the images are modified and re-sent again for approval. The number of approval cycles depends on the project quotation.

Finally, once the draft versions have been approved, each one is created as the final product. Once all the images have been finished in the agreed formats, they are sent to you.

Each graphic produced conforms to our internal design guidelines and is subject to an internal review process, to ensure consistency and achieve the highest level of quality.

For more information about our design services, please click here to contact us with details of your project and requirements.

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