glyFX—Testimonials from our customers

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and listening to our clients. Many of the products we have produced are a direct result of customer feedback.

We also love to hear about your experiences with our images (and see the results!), and are more than happy to help out, or make suggestions on how to make your software even better.

Here are a selection of the testimonials we have received, from both our stock icon customers and custom work clients.

14th May 2010 SQLite Expert

"I would like to let you know that the design of my new logo exceeded my wildest dreams so I am very happy with the result. It was also a pleasure doing business with you and I will certainly contact you in the future."

Bogdan Ureche

17th December 2009 Logiteer

"glyFX was able to work with very little input from our side to create a pleasing and effective splash screen for our application serving the Pension Industry. Our client was impressed with the quality and turnaround time, and we consider the entire endeavor to be a success."

Robert Maxwell

13th November 2009 4 Feet Software

"I can only recommend GlyFX as competent and professional designers. It was a pleasure to work with this company!"

Chris Hager

19th September 2007 REV23 Development, LLC

"I've very much enjoyed working with Glyfx. The design process was fantastic, and from top to bottom you guys are a solid company. I will definitely be back for more!"

Nathan Laff

5th May 2006 nanoCom Corporation

"In 2000, we released our flagship product, iSpQ VideoChat for MacOS and Windows. iSpQ VideoChat is a global product with customers from 182 countries and translations in 6 languages. Our newest version, 8.0, required a new look and a professional touch.

We initially turned to glyFX for their stock icon libraries and quickly realized that a custom touch was needed. glyFX staff developed our new look on schedule and in a professional manner. When we need graphics in the future, we will most certainly trust glyFX to deliver."

Bob Summers

7th June 2005 MindKey Group A/S

"MindKey Group A/S is a Danish owned and operated software development company that focuses on designing, creating, and delivering software for Human Resource Management (HRM). MindKey Group A/S is an OEM for Microsoft Business Solutions, for whom we develop HRM and Balanced Scorecard functionalities. On April 1st, 2005, MindKey Group released a new .NET based Strategic Human Resources product called MindKey™, which focuses on competence development, performance management, business strategy implementation, and employee dialogs.

In MindKey Group, we highly prioritized the product's graphic layout and user friendliness, and it quickly became clear to us that icons are a very special development discipline. Therefore we decided to use GlyFX to develop all of our icons, and are very pleased with the results. GlyFX delivered extremely professional work at the high level of quality we wanted.

Despite the great distance between Denmark and Australia, communication and task planning went smoothly throughout the project, and GlyFX has exhibited tremendous flexibility and willingness to help when we had special needs. GlyFX proved itself to be a clever and creative company that thoroughly understood our requirements, and definitely deliver value for the money. In GlyFX, we believe we have the perfect deliverer of icons and graphic elements for our MindKey™ application, and plan to continue using their services in the future. MindKey™ is sold in the European Union and the United States through distributors."

John Beckmann

8th April 2005 Nero Software

"Back when we were taking the step from Nero Burning Rom 5.5 to version 6, keeping our old icons was not an option for us. After a short look around, there was only one possibility left for us: glyFX. We did not find anyone comparable regarding quality and price.

Today, more than 1000 different glyphs later (located in nearly 10,000 different files), we still do not have anything to complain about. The service is fast and friendly, even in times of pressure and impossible deadlines.

Working on future version of Nero Burning ROM and other Nero products, we do not see any reason why we should not rely on glyFX. Not only do the icons already improve the look of our UI but also the designs of some controls were inspired by the large sized glyFX icons (see Nero Recode). And we plan to do more of this stuff: step by step our products will have a more and more 'stylish' looking UI, while still managing to maintain Windows standards. This is something which would have never been possible without glyFX.

Conclusion: We are really looking forward to the next 1000 glyphs :-)"

Georg Christoph

27th January 2005 Chris Morphew

"Our company makes high quality business software. We were in the design phase and needed to create a new family of icons for that special project. We wanted our application to have that "high quality" feel for the end user that commercially available products use. We searched several firms on the Internet for a few days before finding glyFX. We were immediately impressed with the quality of graphics and the overall family colours and designs that ensured a very consistent look and feel.

We purchased the 8-pack at the time, and we have subsequently been impressed with the high quality of follow up service we have received from glyFX. Service and upgrade paths really make the difference from a vendor - glyFX gets is right!

We are extremely lucky to have found a partner that we can trust and has proven to be reliable. Our application is really taking shape and our icons look great!

Great job guys..."

Chris Morphew

27th January 2005 ESB Consultancy

"We have been very happy with the superb range of packaged glyphs that glyFX offer as they give our Applications a professional look and still look good under older technologies. Plus they have done marvellous work for us when we have purchased custom glyphs, icons, splash screens and banners. We highly recommend their products to all fellow developers."

Glenn Crouch

27th January 2005 Kenneth Brittain

"The customer service was truly outstanding. My issue was handled very rapidly and to my great satisfaction (mind you it was all my fault). I would be a repeat customer based soley on this factor alone... but the icons are amazing as well (and well priced)."

Kenneth Brittain

27th January 2005 LexCraft Digital Innovations

"Wonderful as is Windows XP, it has one serious downside for developers: It's raised the bar when it comes to customers' expectations as to the appearance of programs we create, particularly with respect to toolbar, menu and tree view icons.

It simply makes no sense to write a new program using glyphs that look like they've been around since Windows 3. But, at LexCraft, as application developers, we a) don't have the time to create our own modern-looking images or b) scour the web for enough decent-looking free ones to get the job done.

The glyFX collections solved that problem for us. The images are well thought-out, beautifully rendered and organized in logical sets.

Get glyFX and get back to work!"

Wes Peterson

27th January 2005 Nexus Database Systems

"What a brilliant array of professionally produced glyphs! We have used them in our database tools and the effects have astounded our customers. Naturally we have, and will continue to, recommended your graphics to our customers and to all other developers looking for that extra "something" in the presentation of their applications. Congratulations, guys, on such a fantastic plethora of professional graphic products."

Dr Geoff Harris

27th January 2005 OneMeg.com

"An outstanding collection of glyphs! Absolutely outstanding. We have most of their collections, all their animation sets, and even some customized glyphs. Some of our end user have complimented the visual aspects of our premier product. You simply cannot go wrong with these collections - they are a must have for any developer!"

Bill Mullen

27th January 2005 OzmoSys

"What an exceptional set of images! The glyFX images are a core part of any application we develop, and significantly contribute to our application's aesthetic appeal. The logically categorised sets are artistic, clean, descriptive and provide a comprehensive coverage of the functions and contexts needed for most applications. Beautiful work!

David and the artists at GlyFX also get a big thumbs up for their custom design service. Their attention to detail and quality of service and end result are outstanding.

If you are producing applications for the wider market, you NEED glyFX!"

Steve Forbes

27th January 2005 Pd' Programming

"There are a few things I'm impressed with about glyFX...

The first is the quality of the graphics. While this is something that you can see by simply downloading samples from your website, nothing compares to swapping them into an existing application and looking at the result. The instant change in the look of the application was fantastic. Both my employees and customers noticed the more professional look right away.

The second was the responsiveness of company. Seeing that glyFX is in Australia, many time-zones away, I was concerned with how fast responses would be. I've made several requests for different formats, or questions about the existing ones. Each of the requests were answered promptly, sometimes the same day.

The most interesting and unexpected benefit of purchasing the glyFX packages is that I no longer spend time "mocking up" icons or buttons for my apps. I've made a conscious decision to just use what I've got from glyFX and worry about custom graphics later. This has made a huge difference in both professional looking prototypes and the time spent creating the prototypes."

Pete d'Oronzio

27th January 2005 The University of Warwick

"We've used glyFX for both their stock icons and their custom design services. The stock icons have been invaluable to us in designing applications for both the web and for Windows; they've transformed our toolbars from ordinary to outstanding. The custom service is just as good, allowing us to specify exactly what we need and to refine the designs though as many iterations as we want. I'd recommend glyFX for both the quality of their work and their very reasonable pricing."

John Dale

27th January 2005 i7 Technologies

"We spent considerable time evaluating options for glyphs and graphics to use in our bespoke and commercial programs with a consistant look and feel over a diverse range of images being an essential prerequisite. We decided on the glyFX range due to its high quality, consistant, wide ranging content which is a constant 'work in progress' with regular new sets and additions to old sets. We would strongly recommend that anyone looking for the same qualities in their graphical content consider the glyFX range."

Steve Farmer

25th January 2005 Shredder Chess

"I was looking for someone to improve the Windows 95 style toolbar of my world champion chess program, Shredder. glyFX was recommended to me by a friend and the icons on their demo pages were the best I could find so I gave it a try. I must say that I didn't regret this. The result was beyond my expectations and for a very reasonable price the look of my program was enhanced and great value was added to it. I can highly recommend their professional and friendly service."

Stefan Meyer-Kahlen

20th April 2004 Caelo Software

"Check out GlyFX if you need images. They're head and shoulders above any other design company I've worked with.

If you've ever worked with other image designers you know how frustrating it can be. Sure, you can usually get what you want but only after more misfires and iterations than you'd like. And for getting the work on time and within budget, ... well, good luck! You don't have to worry about any of that with this company. First of all, their design work itself is excellent. The designer I worked with was open, took the initiative to provide design alternatives, and had great design suggestions. Delivery was unusually orderly and professional, and very, very prompt. Frankly, I was amazed at how quickly the designs and revisions were delivered. The project was coordinated by a project lead. His quote came back within a few days. The final work was delivered in half the estimated time. Again, very streamlined and professional.

Overall it was a refreshing, successful experience working with the GlyFX folks. I look forward to our next project together."

Tom Gibson

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