Posted on: 24th of March 2004

We have uploaded our entire news history, dating back to the very first day of glyFX (way back in June 2001). If you are interested in how it all started (and a little bit of nostalgia), please feel free to read through our news archive pages.

We are currently working to finish the Database I Large Edition set, which should be ready within the next 4 to 5 weeks.

Last of all, we are very happy to announce two new glyFX partners:

  • RemObjects provide remoting and data-access solutions for Borland Delphi and .NET developers.
  • ShellPlus specialise in Borland Delphi components which easily integrate with and enhance Windows Explorer.

Registered users of products from either partner are eligible for a 25% discount on glyFX purchases. For more information, please see our Partners page.

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