New sets almost here

Posted on: 07th of December 2004

Our studio is busy as always, churning out many custom projects, but in the little gaps of time that we find here and there, we are getting ready to release some new toolbar icons!

First out of the stable is the Imaging Set. This brand new addition to our library is perfect for any developers working on graphic software. A complete set of images allowing you to create the next great image editing package, or indeed, any application that works with graphics. This set will be available in both Small and Large Editions at the same time.

The second item is an update to the Multimedia Set, being a reworked set of 32bit PNG icons, which will be free to registered users of this set. Additionally, the Large Edition will also be available.

Following the two items above, the Folder & Documents Set will be finalised and released (again in both Small and Large Editions).

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