iconBOX Subscription Service

Posted on: 07th of June 2005

We are happy to announce a new product to provide even more value to our customers - the iconBOX.

As a dedicated design studio, glyFX produces thousands of custom and stock graphics every year. Our stock products are kept separate from client requested custom work, to ensure every icon is unique in its own way. However on occasion, we perform non-exclusive work, with the intention of releasing the icons ourselves at a later stage. We may also have icons that were held back from the release of a commercial set. While we would like to release all of these at some stage, realistically we do not have the time to create all the required sizes and formats.

iconBOX is a subscription service, in which you pay a yearly fee to receive our back-catalog of icons, none of which have been released in our traditional icon packages. Each month, for the course of your subscription, you will be sent a selection of new icons. The monthly pack will include at least 30 icons, so during a one year subscription, that's over 360 icons!

For all the details on this new service, please see the iconBOX page, and our Frequently Asked Questions.

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