glyFX announces partnership with dBASE

Posted on: 02nd of January 2013

glyFX announces partnership with dBASE

dBase, LLC announces strategic partnership with glyFX

Today, dBase, LLC CEO Mike Rozlog and glyFX Managing Director Matt Price announced the signing of their global strategic partnership agreement for all data developers, analysts, and key decision makers that utilize any of dBase, LLC’s products.  This partnership will greatly enhance the build quality and adoption of solutions currently under development.

glyFX is the provider of high quality professional graphics including images for cutting-edge user interface design.  Their toolbar and icon graphic sets will be available for dBase customers to use with the upcoming major release of dBASE.  These graphics will help users create or update existing applications with a professional and modern user interface.

“This is the first step in our commitment to evolve and improve the dBASE product line,” said Mike Rozlog CEO of dBASE.  “dBASE will be going through an evolution over the coming months and years, and a modernization to the look and feel is only the beginning.  We believe that glyFX is a key provider of great looking graphics and those graphics can be used by our customers as well as by ourselves.”

Matt Price, Managing Director of glyFX commented “glyFX are proud to be assisting a well known and trusted brand like dBase, and we look forward to helping dBase and its customers enhance the user interface for their software solutions, making their software easier to use and improving the end user experience. We have a wide variety of stock products that can quickly inserted into these solutions but we are also available for customized solutions if dBase users require these services”.

By combining both leading data analysis and solutions with professionally crafted graphics, our users and customers will be getting a better experience using both products together.  In addition, glyFX has additional graphics sets available for our customers to take advantage of to make their applications really look great.

About dBase LLC

Built on a 25-year foundation of technology and software development excellence, dBase LLC was launched in 2012 as a company with a vision to create a new generation of business intelligence products and data management tools that will transform the way people manage data.  The product dBASE, created in 1981 by the founders of Ashton-Tate, was world’s first widely used relational database management system and one of the best-selling software titles of its time.  The company grew from a small garage-based team to a multinational corporation recognized among the “Big Three,” including Microsoft and Lotus. In 1991, Ashton-Tate was sold to Borland Software Corporation, which popularized dBASE as the world’s most accepted database standard. Today, dBASE is used by millions of software developers and others in FORTUNE 1000 companies and government agencies worldwide. Visit for details.

About glyFX

glyFX is a division of PerthWeb, a web site production and software development house in Perth, Western Australia. The division was started in mid 2001, based on a need for high quality toolbar images in our own software. Upon realizing that other developers may have the same requirement for high-quality icons, but don’t have the in-house resources or the budget for dedicated graphic designers, glyFX expanded their operations specializing in making interface elements that enhance software by adding a modern, professional and unique look. Since that time, their glyph libraries have proven to be enormously popular, and have expanded their services to include desktop icons, splash screens and corporate and product logos.

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