Database II and Core II sets updated

Posted on: 05th of March 2004

As promised, all our sets are being updated to include new formats; 8bit transparent GIF and 32bit PNG (with alpha channel). As of today, the Database II and Core II sets are available with the new formats included. The anti-aliased images look superb, and if your software supports it, they will improve your interface even further. Of course, the GIF and PNG versions are perfect for your web site too!

If you already own these sets (either seperately, or as part of a pack), keep an eye out on your inbox; an email will arrive in the next few days with details on how to download the latest updates.

Last (but definately not least), the Core II Large set will be available from Monday (8th March). It contains the same images as the current set, but includes 32x32, 48x48 & 64x64 sized images! Brilliant quality, these will be perfect for wizard screens, application icons, and of course your web sites. The other large sets are currently in production, and will be released over the course of this year.

Existing owners of the Core II set will receive a discount coupon to purchase the large set at a special price.

In order to cater to everyones needs, all future sets will be available in Small (16x16 & 24x24) and Large (32x32, 48x48 & 64x64) sizes.

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