11 Pack now available!

Posted on: 12th of February 2004

We are very happy to announce that the brand new Database II Set is now complete. It adds 27 new images designed for database applications. This is also our first set that includes 32bit transparent PNG versions, as well as the 24bit BMP files!

The three new sets (Character Tile, Symbol Tile & Database II) have been added to our big pack, to form the glyFX 11 pack. The new pack is huge, and contains over 700 glyphs! For more details, please check our specials section.

If you are an existing glyFX user, you will receive an email soon with details on how to upgrade to the full glyFX 11 Pack, at a very special price!

Last of all, the Common Toolbar Set has been updated to include a PDF Image Guide, so if you need this, please download the new file.

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